All cakes and cookies are made from scratch and then custom decorated to add that extra touch to your special day.

The typical cake is a three layer 6-inch cake and serves 20 people, but we can also do a smaller smash cake or multi-tier wedding cake. 

Each cookie is individually hand decorated and then packaged. Mix and match designs and add special wording. If you need ideas, contact us and we will share pictures from our past orders.

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Orders over $100 qualify for free delivery, within 5 mile radius.

Specialized Baked Goods:

  • One Cake (Feeds 20) 

  • One Dozen Individually Wrapped Custom Decorated Cookies =


Bagels and Sandwiches:

Bagels Box

Treat your office or friends to bagels and spreads. Minimum order 20 sliced bagels with three 8-ounce containers of cream cheese. Packaged with spreads and napkins included.

Breakfast Sandwich Box

Minimum of 8 bagel sandwiches with 8 beverages (coffee or juice), packaged in a Catering Box, cup holder, and napkins included.

Coffee to Go

Includes 96 ounces of coffee, cups & lids, and 8 ounces of creamer.

Lunch Box

Minimum order of 8 bagel sandwiches with 8 beverages (coffee, Brix soda, or iced tea), and 8 packages of chips. Packaged in a catering box, cup holder, and napkins included.

Coffee To Go

96 oz. To Go Box Serves 10-12ppl. Includes cups, lids– starts at $22 (Extra for creamer and sugar)

Please note cake and cookie orders must be placed at least one week in advance. Bagel Box Orders greater than 26 must be placed 48 hours in advance or by phone to guarantee quantity.